Electrical Repair Service

A stable electrical system is an essential part of everyday life. We depend on electricity for so many of our run-of-the-mill tasks without even realizing how lost we’d be without it. When you have electrical problems, don’t try to repair them yourself, instead consider Enhanced Electrical Services. We offer comprehensive electrical repair services designed to get your electrical systems up and running again.

We’re equipped to fix and replace:

Experience the Best In Electrical Repair

At Enhanced Electrical Services, we aim to exceed expectations. It doesn’t matter how simple or extensive your electrical repair needs are, we’ll tackle it with the same level of quality. That’s just how we operate.

If you’re experiencing electrical problems, we can help. Contact us today to schedule an estimate.


Best Electricians In Town

It is difficult to describe my satisfaction with EES. Jim, the owner is a great guy,responded immediately to my call, and quickly showed up to get a bid done. In Reno, these can be very rare qualities. His crew that did the work were no less than outstanding. A great bunch of guys who get along well and did a fantastic job on our list of needs. I could not imagine finding a better electrician in this town, and won’t bother trying, as EES will be used on anything we need.

Ed R
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