LED Commercial & Industrial Remodels & Upgrades

Because LED is so energy efficient, it’s a cost effective option for business owners. In industrial and commercial lighting applications, LEDs are ideal for:

  • Parking lot lighting
  • Parking garage lighting
  • Walkway and other outdoor area lighting
  • Refrigerated case lighting
  • Modular lighting
  • Task lighting

Consider installing or upgrading to LED high-bay lighting when you want to better illuminate a large space with high ceilings. This type of lighting is popular in manufacturing plants, warehouses, gyms, retail stores, storage facilities, auditoriums and airport hangars. Vapor tight high bays can be used in damp areas like barns. Temporary high bay fixtures are popular in the construction industry as they can be moved around a job site providing visibility when it’s needed the most. As it brightens up areas, you benefit from better quality light that has the power to enhance visibility, employee productivity and safety.