New Wiring, Outlets & Switches

Whether adding a new dedicated circuit for that new copy machine or relocating to a new office space requiring multiple electrical services in the Reno, NV and Sparks, NV surrounding area, hiring a licensed electrician for commercial wiring services is as simple as making a phone call to Enhanced Electrical Services. The safety of your building and occupants is paramount to Enhanced Electrical Services. They are licensed to install any type of electrical equipment or wiring in the state of Nevada.

New installation is guaranteed to meet all required local building and fire codes. In addition to new wiring, their licensed master electricians can move or install additional outlets practically anywhere, including:


  • Conference room – table outlets for laptops, speakerphones, presentation devices
  • IT stations – surge-proof safety outlets in multiple areas for maximum efficiency
  • Office configuration – more outlets for task areas
  • USB ports –  upgrading existing outlets with USB ports


  • Retail window display outlets
  • In-store retail display outlets
  • Station table outlets for restaurant kitchens

Let Us Update Your Switches To Suit Your Lighting Needs

The Quality You’ve Come to Expect

Enhanced Electrical Services believes in working hard so that customers like you come away satisfied. No matter the size of your commercial building or scope of your electrical project, when you hire Enhanced Electrical Services, you can expect nothing less than the best in electrical services. Their licensed master electricians can move or install additional outlets (including GFCI) and upgrade outlets with USB ports practically anywhere. Contact them today for all of your new writing, switch and outlet needs.


Very Impressed With Their Level of Service and Professionalism!

I am very impressed with their level of service and professionalism!

We had an electrical problem that caused a power outage to three of the units in our building.  The electrician that we have used in the past could not help and for some reason did not want to give us any referrals (that latter part really annoyed me). That is when I took to Yelp… I found great reviews for this company, so I called them.

Jim answered the phone.  He said that even though he was booked, he would try and get a tech over there in the afternoon.  Glen (the tech) showed up at the end of the day.  He notified me that the problem was with the meeter side of the line and said I should call NV Energy.  He gave me their number before we got off the phone.

In the end all was resolved and the Enhanced Electrical Services has a new satisfied customer!

J H.