Update Your Electrical Outlets and Switches

Getting frustrated about finding places in your home to conveniently charge your phones, tablets, computers and other electronics? Installing new outlets and upgrading existing outlets with USB ports can be a viable solution. It’s a great way to free up outlets in your home and eliminate unsightly and sometimes unsafe extension cords.

Our licensed master electricians can move or install additional outlets (including GFCI) and upgrade outlets with USB ports practically anywhere, including:

  • Kitchen: Countertop and Kitchen Island Outlets. Want to free up some of those receptacles on your kitchen counter? Installing an outlet with built-in USB ports allows you to charge your phone or tablet while keeping your blender or crockpot plugged in.

  • Living Room: outlets for entertainment systems. We can install an outlet behind your flat screen TV on your wall so you don’t have cords hanging below it.

  • Bathroom – safety outlets for beauty appliances. GFCI safety outlets help protect users from getting electrical shocks while using beauty appliances like blow dryers and curling irons. There’s no need to put yourself in an unnecessary dangerous situation.

  • Bedrooms – multiple outlets for your interior design needs. Having a charging station in your bedroom with USB outlets allows you to charge your phones and tablets in one location while you sleep. You may require additional outlets when you want different forms of lighting.

  • Split outlets – one tied to a switch, the other always hot. You may want to consider a split outlet which allows you the full functionality of the outlet but with an added benefit of controlling a portion of the outlet from a distance. This is often used for turning lamps on and off from across the room.

We also install and update switches to suit your lighting needs:

  • Dimmer Switches: Controls the amount of lighting you need for a specific task while creating ambiance.

  • Timer switches: Allows you the convenience of turning lights on and off even when you aren’t in the room or at home.

  • Toggle Switches: Allows you to turn lights on and off from different locations.

  • Custom Wall Plates: Instantly personalize the look of the room by installing custom wall plates.

Contact us today for all of your switch and outlet needs.


Thanks For All You Did!

I hired Enhanced Electrical Services to provide electricity to my new swim spa. The owner, Jim was flexible due to the delivery of the spa, and was available when it arrived. The delivery company was not able to put the spa in the yard. Jim went out of his way to not only supply electricity for the spa, but to also install the spa. The company is professional, caring, takes pride in their work and did a great job. I will be using them for all my electrical needs, and highly recommend this company. Thanks again for all you did.

Kate Y.