LED Lighting Installation & Upgrades

LED technology keeps advancing and for good reason. The appeal is real as LED lights are more cost effective and energy efficient than incandescent lighting and can brighten up any space. The rapid development of LED technology creates more product options with better manufacturing efficiency at a lower price. Can lighting or recessed lighting fixtures are not only popular in residential settings, they are ideal for office and commercial lighting.

Recessed lighting fixtures are typically placed into walls or ceilings. They are referred to as can lighting because of their shape. These fixtures can alter the look and feel of any space and bring a fresh perspective in offices and commercial buildings.

Lighting design is essential and influences functionality and ambiance in office and commercial environments. An upgrade in your lighting can have a big impact on your bottom line. LED can lighting uses about one-fifth of the energy compared to incandescent, is visually appealing, works with dimmers and can be used in damp locations. Contact Enhanced Electrical Services today to discuss all of your recessed lighting options.