Need To Light Up Your Cabinets? We Can Help With Over & Under LED Installs!

Lighting can make a world of difference in any kind of environment. Just ask a professional photographer. One of the least expensive ways to transform the look and feel of a room, especially the kitchen, is with under/over cabinet lighting.

Illuminating the area under your cabinets improves the overall ambience of your kitchen plus adds functionality with task lighting. LED lights won’t heat up your kitchen either as they don’t emit heat like fluorescents. It will also save on your electrical bill as LED lights use 50% less energy than fluorescents. With a flip of a switch you’ve got instant atmosphere.

LED light bars and strips can be installed under your cabinets and illuminate your backsplash giving your kitchen a refreshed updated look. Other options include puck lights, rope lights, and tape lights. No matter what kind of LED lighting option you select, you will be investing in a low-maintenance, energy efficient option that will light up your room.

One of our most requested services for homeowners is installing or upgrading to Can Lighting