Replacing or Upgrading Your Electrical Panel

Consider your electrical system to be the heart of your home. In humans, when the heart stops working, the body shuts down. The same is true with a faulty electrical system. When it’s not working properly, nothing electrical will function in your home. And worse yet, it can cause a fire.

Do I need to replace, upgrade or repair my electrical panel?

  • Do your lights flicker or randomly dim and then light back up?

  • Do your lights dim when a hair dryer or microwave is turned on?

  • Do you hear buzzing or crackling sounds from your light bulbs or outlets?

  • Do your fuses keep blowing and your circuit breaker keeps tripping?

  • Do you have an older home with a Federal Pacific Electric Panel or a Zinsco Panel?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, contact us. You may need an electrical panel upgrade. This is not a do it yourself project.

How much will it cost to upgrade my electrical panel?

Estimates vary depending on what the electrical contractor is willing to do. At Enhanced Electrical Services, our estimate includes:

  • Acquiring a permit

  • Removing all existing equipment

  • Installation of new equipment such as entrance cables and circuit breakers

  • Full clean-up of area

  • Post installation inspection

In the local Reno, NV and Sparks, NV area, homeowners usually can expect to spend between $850 and $1,500. The service is labor intensive as most boxes take 8-10 hours to install properly. Upgrading during a current renovation is ideal.

Why do an electrical panel upgrade?

Safety and efficiency are two big reasons our customers request an electrical panel upgrade. An air conditioner today uses more power than an entire home used 30 years ago. Modern technology requires power and more of it. Older homes were typically built with 100 amps while newer homes today have at least 200 amps. 

Amps refers to the electrical power an electrical panel can handle. Big screen TVs, surround sound systems, computers, microwaves, washers, dryers, refrigerators and an increase in high-tech gadgets can overwhelm your electrical system and be dangerous

If you choose to put your home on the market, it may not pass inspection and you’ll need to upgrade anyway. Why wait and put the safety of you, your family and your home at risk in the meantime?


Best Electricians In Town

It is difficult to describe my satisfaction with EES. Jim, the owner is a great guy,responded immediately to my call, and quickly showed up to get a bid done. In Reno, these can be very rare qualities. His crew that did the work were no less than outstanding. A great bunch of guys who get along well and did a fantastic job on our list of needs. I could not imagine finding a better electrician in this town, and won’t bother trying, as EES will be used on anything we need.

Ed R

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