We Are Reno and Sparks’ Trusted LED Experts & Installers

Something as simple as changing your lighting can alter the look and feel of a space in an instant. LED lighting has the ability to transform all kinds of environments whether it’s inside, outdoors, in a commercial building or inside your home.

We often are hired to install can lighting in homes. This is a cost-effective way to light your kitchen, family room, bedroom or even bathroom. Can lights use about a fifth of the energy compared to incandescent, have a lifespan of up to 22 years of normal use, work well with dimmers, are rated for damp locations and just plain look nice. We often are hired to install these lights in one room and our clients decide to upgrade the whole house.

Lighting is the secret ingredient in any spectacular environment. It has the power to create and change the mood. LED lighting enhances a room whether it’s used to decorate, provide task lighting or accent something like a single piece of artwork.

We are surrounded by LEDs perhaps without even realizing it. They are common in street lights, flood lamps, security system lighting, parking garage and lot lighting, landscape lights, supermarkets and areas that require task lighting. For more information on LED lighting, checkout Energy.Gov.

LED Options We Provide For Our Clients

  • LED Under/Over Cabinet Lighting

  • LED Can Lighting Installation/Upgrade

  • LED Industrial/Commercial Installation/Upgrade