Emergency Lighting & Exit Signs

Public buildings and offices are required to clearly mark exits. Emergency and exit signs are usually installed during construction, but some of the older converted or remodeled buildings should replace older exit models with updated signs and lighting. Enhanced Electrical Services follows OSHA’s most up to date emergency lighting and exit route requirements to make sure you are safe and compliant.

The Quality You’ve Come to Expect

Enhanced Electrical Services believes in working smart so that customers like you come away satisfied. No matter the size of your commercial building or scope of your electrical project in the Reno, NV and Sparks, NV surrounding area, when you hire Enhanced Electrical Services, you can expect nothing less than the best in electrical services.


Very Impressed With Their Level of Service and Professionalism!

I am very impressed with their level of service and professionalism!

We had an electrical problem that caused a power outage to three of the units in our building.  The electrician that we have used in the past could not help and for some reason did not want to give us any referrals (that latter part really annoyed me). That is when I took to Yelp… I found great reviews for this company, so I called them.

Jim answered the phone.  He said that even though he was booked, he would try and get a tech over there in the afternoon.  Glen (the tech) showed up at the end of the day.  He notified me that the problem was with the meeter side of the line and said I should call NV Energy.  He gave me their number before we got off the phone.

In the end all was resolved and the Enhanced Electrical Services has a new satisfied customer!

J H.
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